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Covid-19 - Protecting Our Employees/Supporting Our Customers

Deptec is currently running reduced staffing levels at our facilities. We continue to follow Government guidelines while continuing to offer technical and spare parts support to our customers worldwide. We hope to get back to full working status when it is safe for our employees, whose health is of paramount importance.

Latest News

LaserSensor Sens-Save

Deptec Sens-Save wafer detection upgrade

The Deptec “Sens-Save” upgrade prevents multiple broken wafers on Varian 3000 and XM series PVD platforms. The standard systems have a multiple sensor setup that require all door sensors made…

Deptec QII Magnetron Source

The Deptec QII Magnetron Sputter source is an ideal cost effective replacement for any Varian 3290 ConMag II or Quantum source, either when it is EOL or has been thermally…